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Hills Beyond a River_隔江山色

Fantastic animation solves the vortex of visuals problem. I came across this cool animation that I intend to use as a visuals behind me next time I’m Djing. It’s nice having the animals as subjects moving through space instead of the standard tunnel vortex that’s been en-vogue since around 92′. The music is pretty good..

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“Felipe Pantone’s work is at the cutting edge of street art. Straddling conventional graffiti, typography and abstraction, his work fuses bold elements of graphic design with highly evolved geometric shapes to create an ultra-modern aesthetic which complements and reacts with the stark modernity of our cityscapes. The guy’s name is Pantone, he’s not messing around..

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Danny Daze – Live At Griessmuehle

“I find it funny, and I actually like it. I love changing people’s perception. I’m hoping it changes, but I’m not going to force it upon anybody.” Ive been playing Danny Daze tracks in my sets for a while now. It’s surprisingly hard to find avant-garde techno thats produced well enough to play out on proper..

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Pre Convergence Morgue

I have no idea what this is but it’s awesome and weirdly soothing and disgusting at the same time. Solid art for sure Thanks Alan Wiig for this one.

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Fingers Of Steel

Chris Heck fought his way up over the most dangerous, life threatening tricks, with numerous sore finger injuries, and nervous breakdowns to where he is today. Because finger skateboarding is better than fidget spinners, period. There was a time long ago that I won the Dutch National Finger Skateboard Championships while traveling through Europe. True..

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Vice Headline Generator

HOW ZURICH’S ANSWER TO FAWLTY TOWERS IS JUST POL POT ON ANGEL DUST WE’RE DEBATING HOOFING BLOWCAINE VS. SMOKING ROHYPNOL WITH MARILYN MONROE The fun just doesn’t end with this Vice headline generator. I love these randomizer things. The banality of Vice is highlighted in the absurdity of these combinations. It wouldn’t be surprising if..

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Mimesis in cyberwar

I found this article really interesting, not for it’s “Ahhhk russian hackers” but for the Ukrainian power station cloning example. Its a tangible metaphor of a super advanced technique that I think we are currently seeing all around us expressed in politics and media and generally people’s consciousness. I really think it is going to be the..

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Mars Curiosity Image Gallery

When things get too crazy here on earth, it’s really nice to remember that we have put a wheeled camera on Mars and are looking around up there in a place that humans have never been before and just imagine that we are walking around. NASA has a lot of great projects going on and..

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A conceptual video game system

BOB180 is a handcrafted conceptional video game system based around barrel distortion. A bubble head resting on top of a tree-legged stand made from ash. The white acrylic dome is backlit by a built-in projector – creating fantastic new renderings of classic arcade games. The spherical display eliminates over defined boundaries and thereby amplifies the..

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HNYPOT 198: Mozhgan’s اشک در باران

A breathtakingly beautifully exclusive mix from San Francisco based selector Mozhgan (@mozhgan). Responsible for the long running We Are Monsters parties (alongside Solar and Jason Greer), Mozhgan has been honing her dark arts on the decks for sometime. This mix ebbs and flows with perfection. This is the kind of mix that transcends a collection..

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Always go full aero

A racer on a track bike goes full superman and blows by a bunch of other racers. Aerodynamics can be a drag…..  

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Soulboarding in Glue

Glue is a film that brilliantly captures the feeling of soulboarding, thats snowboarding without the hype. Just days with friends and goofing off in the snow. It also has fantastic music and reminds me of the old Volcom Videos from way back.

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The Art of Kirsten Lepore

Kirsten Lepore is an LA-based director and animator, and alumna of CalArts. She recently wrote and directed an Emmy-winning stop-motion episode for Cartoon Network’s hit show, Adventure Time.

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Study: Using “Alternative Narratives” To Shift Media Discourse

What we find in our data is a network of mutually-reinforcing hyper-partisan sites that revive what Richard Hofstadter called “the paranoid style in American politics,” combining decontextualized truths, repeated falsehoods, and leaps of logic to create a fundamentally misleading view of the world. How to reframe a debate

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PEGGY GOU – Beats in Space Mix

Peggy Gou is a Berlin based Korean artist. Through a regular stream of high quality mixes she has begun to turn heads in underground circles. Sitting somewhere between Detroit, London and Berlin in sound, her DJ sets are a assured, kinetic combination of dark, pulsing house and techno, broken beats and abstract compositions. Next up..

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