I found this article really interesting, not for it’s “Ahhhk russian hackers” but for the Ukrainian power station cloning example. Its a tangible metaphor of a super advanced technique that I think we are currently seeing all around us expressed in politics and media and generally people’s consciousness. I really think it is going to be the future of this weird alt-reality. It’s an ability to shift meaning from one set of values to another entirely without having to change the words we are using. Just like the hackers did, we can build a clone of a thought structure or belief but take control of it using a different set of intentions. I first noticed it happening when climate deniers would use the phrase “wake up” just like the environmentalists would when reminding us that we are in a closed system with limited resources and a delicate ecological balance. Anyway, who knew that Buzzfeed did longform investigative journalism?

Read about mimesis in cyberwar

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