I had to grow up very fast, as I started working fulltime as a model when I was 16 or 17. I was self-employed, financially independent and traveling a lot. I did miss the fun years at school, I lost many of my friends,

Guh, Two weeks ago I was taking a dig at models turned DJ’s and today as I went to look for photos for this post of a mix I really like, I discovered that Amelie Lens is an actual model. Well. There. You. Go. It turns out models can make great DJ’s, or rather Amelie is the anomaly. Either way the mix is great and its cool that her and Charlotte De Witte are working together. I wish my American paranoia didn’t make me imagine that they share a ghost producer because I so badly want this sound to truly be an expression of what they are feeling and not a product of a market manipulation like we’ve unfortunately seen in DJing so many times before. Get’em ladies.

Amalie Lens Live at KNTXT

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