About four years ago, I started making music. I kind of felt the need to do it. Since I was feeling so much joy when playing other people’s music in front of a crowd, I started wondering what I would feel like to play your own music. I wanted to explore other aspects of this music business, which I fell so much in love with. I wanted to understand how a track was made and how you can influence several elements, structures and sound to create a track that speaks to people.

Usually the eye roll begins when I see the pretty face of a model/DJ because generally they are out of work models who’s agents send them to DJ school trying to make some extra money by becoming “DJ’s” and filling their instagram with selfies from inside the club. I can’t tell you how irritating this is to me and how belittling to the women in DJing producing and hustling to move the art forward. Charlotte De Witte is the finger to this eye roll, a fantastic example of a woman in the music scene producing some absolutely amazing tracks. I can hear the authenticity and love for techno in her songs. She’s an inspiration that just happens to have a pretty face. Her new Ep is up on her soundcloud and I encourage you to go check it out, it’s one of those rare ones where the original track is the best of show and I can’t wait to play it out.

An Amazing Mix by Charlotte De Witte

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